An Imperfection in the Kitchen Floor

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An Imperfection in the Kitchen Floor tells the story of two women who, despite living one hundred years apart, face similar sacrifices, difficult decisions, and self-imposed perfection that many women will recognize in their own lives.  

Molly leaves her job as a chef and moves to an old house that only her husband loves. His busy work schedule leaves her the sole caregiver of their colicky baby, and Molly must reconcile her own self-doubt and find happiness in a life she didn't expect.

Tish lives in the same house a century earlier and yearns to leave behind the family delicatessen to travel west and paint the country's landscape. When a commuter train crashes killing the riders on board, the tragedy hits close to home and Tish must choose between the family who needs her and the life she originally envisioned.  

An Imperfection in the Kitchen Floor is a novel of food, family, and fortitude.

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